Helen Bur is a British artist currently working across Europe on the road, in temporary studios
and across walls.

In studio she works with traditional techniques applying oil to canvas or linen
with palate knife and brush, and watercolour or pencil to paper, whilst co-existing in the urban
mural scene, wielding brush, roller and masonry paint to create larger than life works on wall.
Through these varying mediums she explores and embraces paintings role and ability to
sensitively discus current issues and events.

Fuelled by a visit to The Hayward Gallery in 2007 to see ‘The Painting of Modern Life’, her
obsession with painting and photography and their relationship was formed. After receiving a first
class Fine Art degree from Cardiff School of Art she went on to co-run a voluntary arts space /
studios and gallery ’The Abacus’ in the centre of Cardiff as well as the Street Art festival, ‘Empty
Walls’ for two years, submerging herself in a creatively fuelled environment, alongside maintaining
her own practice.

In 2016 she decided to return focus solely to the development of her artistic
practice, pulling together and refining her work on canvas and wall, which has seen her feature
work in shows in Berlin, Sao Paulo and London as well as painting the inside walls of the Wales
Millennium Centre to the streets of Brazil.


Instagram @abcdefghelens


Contact Ema Marinova, ema@1963gallery.com