A world of historical fog, political haze and societal mist. Where does control lie in this world of contemporary ritual and repression?

Wasp Elder paints pictures populated by enigmatic souls and unstressed backgrounds, enticing a sentiment of an obscure journey.
His drawings, paintings and films present an evocative combination of solitary figures, collaged scenes, close-ups, obscured features, and potential catastrophe.

Set at tension by external forces, these silent outsiders set on a theatrical staging are at once perpetrators and victims of unclear disasters. Revealed through a collage of found images and painterly composition, each painting marks a moment that is ambiguously both cause and consequence. The arrows of time obscuring memory of both past and future circumstances. Often in a state of process, action, ritual or past the point of no return, each work invites the viewer to imbue the still, tense scene with context.


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